Insurance & Rates

Cash Rates for Physical Therapy Services

Initial Evaluation - 1 Hour - $250.00

Initial Evaluation - 1 Hour 30 Mins (or longer) - $350.00

Returning Visit - $125.00

Using Insurance or Medicare for your Physical Therapy visits

We are contracted with many Insurance and Medicare Carriers and we will submit bills to these carriers on your behalf. We are happy to assist you in determining your level of coverage for physical therapy services. We will verify your insurance or medicare coverage before you start physical therapy at our office. However, this is done as a courtesy and not guarantee of payment.

Please note: You are your best advocate when it comes to understanding how your insurance or medicare works. Call your insurance or medicare company, ask them questions, and ask us questions to make sure you know exactly how much coverage you have.

Have a question about insurance or rates? Call us to verify if your coverage is accepted.

Out Of Network Insurances – Reimbursement

Great Basin Physical Therapy and Performance Center does not have a contract with the following insurance carriers. After paying our cash rates for services, we will provide all the required documentation you will need to submit claims for reimbursement of care.

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Cross Blue Shield





All United Health Care

What is Direct Access

In the state of Nevada, you have the ability to see a Physical Therapist without a Physician’s referral.
Keep in mind while we can see you without a prescription or referral, your insurance network may still require a referral to cover the costs of your visits. We will do our best to let you know when we verify your insurance. However, it is still your responsibility to know the ins and outs of your insurance coverage.